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  • Funny ,never saw a game with my nickname wich i have almost 15+ years!

No idea how I ended up here but very happy that I did! Great job! Many remakes or renditions (of one of my all-time favorites) are simply horrible. Yours however immediately caught my interest and couldn't stop playing (until I reached the end :-( ) . It seems you have every aspect covered from the physics and game play to level design and creativity. Great work and I look forward to the full-version.

My only suggestion would be to include a "mouse sensitivity option" if that is possible...not necessary but would find it helpful.

It could be that it is way too early for me so disregard if this is the case but the keyboard controls didn't seem to work for me. The only button that worked was to show high-scores.

Hey thanks for commenting and... stumbling up here! I am happy that you are happy haha. Glad you enjoyed my remake. Full version is coming along nicely, I finished most of the requested features from the r/linux_gaming community, only few more things are left to finish! I'd love to implement mouse sensitivity option, however I chose the UI to be as simple as possible, so I'm not sure design-wise how I could implement that. Oh, the keyboard controls aren't supposed to work as they aren't implemented. Full-release however will have keyboard controls, however they are wonky, so not sure how comfortable keyboard controls will be :(

This has potential! With a few improvements, more levels and a good difficulty curve, I could see playing this as an occasional timewaster. Had to manually set the Linux executable as runnable, though, as it was packaged in zip.


Thank you for playing! I have noted that I have to make .TAR in order to automatically have Linux executable set up as a runnable. Improvements are coming. Currently working on major bug fixes, hopefully will fix them within 1-2 days and then focus on better level design and more interactive content! :)


50 Downloads as of now! Thank you for your support! Don't forget that full version will be released on 2017/02/26 ! It will contain many improvements, new content and of course new levels!